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Facebook has started the initiative of its Facebook Home user interface that was launched with HTC First. HTC First is the first smartphone to get that app perfectly integrated by the official Facebook and HTC developers. Facebook Now have New Site Instagram you can download instgram lite apk. But now Facebook Home UI is available for other smartphones as well. Till now it is limited to only four smartphones but Facebook will update it for more devices soon.

What is Facebook Home UI

Facebook developers wanted to change the way we use our smartphone. We generally care about the number and quality of apps that have been installed in our smartphone but Facebook want to change it.

According to latest Facebook Home UI, it’s the people which we should care about. As the Facebook got largest database of friends or connections around the world so this UI is going to get popular very soon.

We usually use our smartphone in order to check our Facebook profile, news feed and messages, isn’t it? Now if we use Facebook Home UI then we don’t need Facebook app and its messenger app anymore.

This is because we will be able to chat with our friends or with any other person directly from the home screen or anywhere around the smartphone. People will be in form of chat heads and we can carry on conversation anywhere we want to by taping on to that chat head.

All the pics which our friends share on Facebook will be updated live right there at the home screen and we can like or comment right from there.

This is what Facebook Home UI is bringing to our smartphone. In short, this UI is redefining and making our use of Facebook comfortable and simpler.

Facebook Home UI Android App

Facebook developers has now launched Home UI on the Google Play store and now any smartphone can install that app and use this new home screen user interface.

The only limitation with this app is that it is supported for only HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy Note II and Samsung Galaxy SIII. But it will be available for more handsets very soon.

Why You need this App?

If all your friends are on Facebook and uses smartphones then this app is useful for you because you must be using Facebook

Till now you need to login into Facebook app to see what all going on your social network and login into Facebook Messenger app to chat with your friends.

But once you install the Home UI then you can see all your social network stuff right there from the home screen and also chat with your friends directly from the home screen, using the Chat heads.

This is how you can stay connected to your social network every time and everywhere.

So if you have any of the smartphone that I mentioned then try out this amazing home UI. Its available for free and working impressively but it will affect the battery life of your device.

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